Stay Safe On The Road With New Tech Products

Stay Safe On The Road With New Tech Products

No matter how careful you are when driving your car around town, you have no control over the pedestrians on the sidewalk, other drivers and even animals living nearby. In the five seconds or less that it takes you to put your foot on the brake, you may find yourself involved in an accident that costs thousands of dollars in repairs later. Manufacturers now offer new tech products that you can use in your car, when riding a motorcycle or even while on an ATV that help you stay safe.

Automotive Features

Airbags are usually the only safety features that you’ll find on older cars, but the manufacturers of modern cars want you to stay even safer. That is why they now offer features like rear camera monitors and lane departure warnings. A lane departure warning comes on automatically to alert you when your car starts drifting into another lane to avoid side on collisions. The new rear camera monitors found on some cars project a real time video feed to your dashboard that shows you any people or objects that might be behind your car.

For ATVs

All terrain vehicles are a fun way to enjoy your time outside. You might ride one down your long driveway to pick up the mail, or you might plan camping and ATV trips with your friends. New products let you stay a little safer on your next ride. Some ATV riders love Side by Side audio parts like a docking station, while others prefer having a Bluetooth system. A docking station lets you plug in your phone or music player to listen to music without worrying about taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. With a Bluetooth system, you can even accept phone calls without taking your eyes off the path.

Motorcycle Riders

While not all states require that motorcycle riders wear a helmet, many riders wear one to keep themselves safe. This can make it difficult and nearly impossible to use your phone or listen to music. Manufacturers now offer helmets that have speakers inside and use a wireless connection to connect with your bike’s radio. Others make gloves that have radio controls inside. You can use those gloves to adjust the volume or change stations without actually touching the radio. Whether you love your car, ATV or motorcycle, you can use new tech products to stay a little safer both on and off the road.