Subaru Liberty – History and Review

Subaru Liberty Review

When the first Subaru Liberty was launched in 1989 it set new standards in quality, value for money and engineering. In the same year the Liberty finished runner-up in the Wheels Magazine Car of the Year award. Since then the Liberty has become arguable Australia’s most awarded motor vehicle. With the third generation Liberty we have built on its strengths, added more style, refinement and equipment and created a true sports luxury sedan. The third generation Subaru Liberty. Form and function? Certainly. Style? Unmistakably. Luxury? Without a doubt. But the over-riding ambition was to develop a vehicle that would put a smile on every driver�s face. Every 2004 Subaru Liberty has to be fun to drive that is the stated ambition of our design team.

The core to this is, of course, our All-Wheel Drive system, part of Subaru�s famous triple A safety pack that also includes dual front airbags and anti-lock brakes (ABS). Other safety features include the ring-shaped reinforced frames and twin side reinforced beams, which substantially reinforce body rigidity. Over the past eight years, the company has nearly tripled its revenues and seen its sales increase by nearly 100 percent thanks to its popular line of car-based sport-utility vehicles. The company is among the fastest growing brands in the automobile industry and was recently named “Most Improved Car Company in the World” by the London-based Financial Times Automotive World magazine. The new 2004 Liberty won the Wheels Magazine Car of the Year Award just months after launch.