German Power Market Can Handle Switch To Electric Car Efficiently

Electric Car Germany

An anticipated shift to 40 percent electric cars on German roads by 2035 could be absorbed by the power system and generate additional income for utility companies, an independent study by Aurora Energy Research said on Monday.

It calculated this will result in 31 terawatt hours (TWh) of additional power demand by 2035 – at five percent of the current annual consumption a manageable number, given that renewable generation units are expanding.

“E-mobility will be the more economic choice by then and its impact on the German power market will tend to be moderate,” said Benjamin Merle, one of the authors.

“We don’t see any threat of significant price increases for households or industry,” he said.

Europe’s biggest economy had roughly 46 million small passenger cars on the road on Jan. 1, 2017 when only 0.1 percent of them were powered by electricity, official figures showed.

However, around 10 percent of cars get replaced each year and Aurora’s Berlin office, the German arm of an Oxford-based parent company, assumes that falling battery costs and a far better climate record of electric cars versus the combustion engine will start supporting mass adoption in the next decade.