Auto Repair Bait And Switch Tactics

Summary: So why do they play this game? Why not just be honest about how much to charge for every job? Because it is a proven fact that most human beings will flock to where they “think” they will get the best deal. Even if they would have spent the same amount or less for the same job at a reputable shop that doesn’t play the bait and switch game, they “feel” like they got a deal because the telephone quote or advertised price was low. Unfortunately, in most cases they have been fleeced. An honest Technician will not stay in a shop that plays these games. An auto shop owner that plays these games with the public tends to play these same games with the employees and they don’t like it! So these shops usually end up settling for entry level Technicians who are ignorant of these practices or Technicians who don’t mind the games because they are dishonest themselves. Bait them with a low price, set the hook with slick sales scripts then switch them over to the higher dollar job you knew they needed in the first place. Of course it is just fine to advertise a low price special if the vast majority of customers have a final invoice for that job at the advertised price. But advertising a price for a product or service as a way of getting people in the door for a different product or service at a higher price or profit margin is the very definition of “bait and switch”. It is also deceptive to advertise a price for a partial job and make it sound like it is complete. This is an unethical and illegal tactic that many businesses have been in trouble for. Why people would frequent an establishment that practices this kind of unethical behavior is beyond me. If a business displays deceptive behavior in their advertising you can probably count on deceptive behavior when doing business with them or working for them.