Is The MINI A Good Car If You Live In The City?


The MINI is an iconic marque. It’s a vehicle brand that has been around for several decades and is much-loved all over the world. Today’s MINIs get built under the direction of current owners BMW. They are available in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit many needs.

If you live in the middle of a busy city, you might be contemplating buying a small car. But, should you consider the MINI? You might not think that it’s a car that could suit your needs. But, I’m willing to bet that you’re wrong! Check out these compelling reasons why owning a MINI might be the best decision you’ll ever make!

You need a car that’s easy to manoeuvre

Let’s face it: when you live in the city, driving a large vehicle is a bad idea. More people are getting behind the wheel each year. As a result, your city is getting crowded with higher levels of traffic.

City motorists tend to be in a rush most of the time. It’s important that you drive a car that is both easy to drive and agile. The MINI ticks both of those boxes! Because the car is a small size, you’ll find it easy to manoeuvre.

You will be the envy of many motorists when you can squeeze through many small gaps in traffic!

You want to drive a fun car

There are scores of different compact vehicles on the market. One of the most popular marques in its class is MINI. Why? One of the main reasons is down to how fun the car is to drive! It’s a characteristic from the days of when MINI was under British Leyland ownership.

BMW, the marque’s current owners, have managed to capture and build on that characteristic. One only has to look at to see why the MINI appeals to so many people!

It’s the only small car that offers a variety of uses

Many car companies produce small hatchback models. But, none specialises in that segment of the market like MINI does. As a result, the car brand has become a leader.

You might not know it, but MINI offers variations of its hatch model to suit all kinds of needs. For example, the Countryman is ideal for those that carry passengers and cargo often. The John Cooper Works version is perfect for drivers that have a need for speed! There is also a selection of convertible and coupe models for the fashion-conscious too.

MINI uses BMW’s engineering input

It goes without saying that MINI should take advantage of its parent owner’s technology. BMW is a well-known premium vehicle builder. As such, they invest lots of time and money to ensuring they are market leaders.

MINI uses a lot of BMW’s technology and engineering input. For example, the TwinPower engines are all designed and built by the German brand. Even the infotainment systems use the same technology!

What that means for you is the MINI is a car that is both efficient and cutting-edge. What you won’t end up buying is a city car that uses outdated technology. Nor will you have to worry about your car being unsafe or not fit for purpose on the road.

The interior of a MINI is cavernous

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The MINI looks rather small, am I right? The truth is you’ll enjoy a surprising amount of space in the cabin! In fact, today’s latest models are bigger and longer than their predecessors. Check out for an in-depth video analysis of the interior.

That means you can drive a car that offers a lot of leg and headroom for both you and your passengers. And on that subject, your rear passengers won’t feel like tinned sardines in the MINI!

The cabin space is one of the reasons people looking at other cars like the Fiat 500 end up buying a MINI instead.

The handling on a MINI is exceptional

One thing no-one will ever tell you is that the handling of a MINI is bad. Even the base Hatch model offers exceptional road-handling! The car has a lower centre of gravity to most other cars in its class.

Plus, it uses suspension and steering designs developed by parent company BMW. You know that you’re driving a quality vehicle when such a premium brand designs things for it!

BMW no doubt wanted their MINI to handle well in most road conditions just like the older BL ones. So, when will you go out and buy a MINI?