5 Reasons You CAN Trust Your Car Dealer

5 Reasons You CAN Trust Your Car Dealer

There are three types of people you can’t trust in the world – politicians; bankers; and car dealers. That is a common perception anyway. The truth is that car dealers are not as bad as people like to think. Yes, there are bad apples out there that bring down the reputation of the entire industry. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t reputable dealers out there that will do you a good deal. In fact, there are more of them than there are bad apples. Here’s why you can trust a car dealer if you are looking to buy or sell.

It’s Easy To Spot

Most people have been through the process of buying or selling a time several times before. If you have, you will know when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Not to say that it still doesn’t happen, but it happens less and less if you are on the ball. For the most part, you will know the tactics that they use to try and bump up the price or sell you a dodgy car. A good example is not letting you take it for a test drive or not providing certification. Anyone that needs to spruce up on the classic con artist tricks can follow this link. The link contains info on all of the tricks of the trade.

Not Everyone Is A Con Artist

The simple truth is that there are good people in the industry that just want to sell cars and make a living. Not every dealer you come across is a cowboy because not every dealer is a bad person. Most supplier or buyers have a conscious, and that is one reason you shouldn’t try and trust them. Please don’t take that piece of advice as saying that you shouldn’t do your homework because you should do plenty of homework. But, if you research checks out, then there is nothing stopping you from taking the plunge.

They Have A Reputation

Not everyone is a conman because they have a reputation to uphold. Any boss or business owner will tell you that a good reputation is better than a bad one. It is simple business acumen because more people will buy from reputable sources. A bad reputation can burn a firm for life and put them out of business. The basic truth is that a car dealership like Car Deal Warehouse can’t afford to be con artists because it doesn’t pay. Thanks to the Internet and social media, anyone can leave a review and tarnish a company in a matter of seconds. In all honesty, there is no hiding anymore.

Rules And Regulations

Rules and regulations exist for a reason – to make sure businesses operate legitimately. And, there are serious consequences for breaking these rules and regs. For the most part, the consequences are too dire for most dealerships to break. The prospect of a huge fine or jail time is usually enough to put most people off doing something illegal. If you don’t have faith in the dealer, have faith in the system. After all, that is why the system exists.


The best dealerships are transparent. In fact, the best businesses are transparent. Again, you can find out everything you need to know thanks to the Internet. That means that a quick Google search will tell you everything you need to know about a car dealer. You can find out about everything from their sales to their expenditures, which puts you in the driving seat. A few strategic questions will let you know whether they are telling the truth or whether they are lying. Because of this, they can’t take the risk. They know that if they lie, you will probably know due to all the information that is available. Technology is making businesses transparent. In turn, that is making them trustworthy.

No Pressure

Finally, you can trust your car dealer through their demeanor. Salespersons have a reputation of being frantic and pushy. The reason is that they are desperate for a sale. And, they are desperate for a sale because they want to get it over and done with. Legitimate salespersons, however, don’t bother with these tactics as they have nothing to hide. They know that the product speaks for itself, as does the dealership. Plus, they also know you will come to them when you are ready. Remember that anyone that pressures you into a deal is overcompensating.

Car dealers are not all bad people. For the most part, they are decent, average people just like you.

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