Handling A Car Collision The Right Way

A recent study indicates that around 3 million car crashes happen every year in the United States. If you have met with an accident recently, then you are not alone. Roads have become potentially more dangerous with increased number of high speed cars. The probability of a car collision is continuously on a rise, so it is extremely important to be prepared. It is mandatory to have a car insurance, but your state of mind and handling the accident scene is more important than just having an insurance.

Things to do immediately after a collision:

The first thing you need to do is to take stock of your body and your passenger’s well-being. If somebody is injured then immediately call 911. Do not move the vehicle or the injured party, unless the immediate environment is dangerous.

If there are not serious injuries, then immediately take note of the cars involved and the sequence of events during the collision. Local police might not file a case unless there is a serious injury or very severe vehicle damage, so irrespective of the police action go out and exchange information with all the other parties involved. Always carry a scribbling pad in your dashboard, write down the license plate number, insurance information, vehicle details (model, color and make),  and the other parties’ name and telephone number.

The single most important tip is NOT TO ARGUE with the other party. There is no point in screaming or insisting on an apology. Forget that you are victim and detach yourself from the incident, just focus on gathering the requirement information. Dispassionately gathering information helps because, the other party is usually co-operative when you are in a grounded state. The information that you collect will be needed at a later state during settlement of disputes.

Don’t ignore your injuries, and don’t be in a hurry to say that you are alright (you might not be able to claim compensation if at a later stage your injury worsens).

Choosing the Right Collision Repair Company:

Right from the moment you leave the accident scene, your focus should be on getting your car back on the road. There are hundreds of auto repair shops in every major city, however the quality of service and spare parts used will vary. It is important for you to ensure that your car will be returned in a perfect condition with all damages repaired and bodywork restored to the original state. For instance, a collision repair specialist like Michigan AutoPros, focuses not just on repairing the damages, but also on returning your car to its pristine original best. We highly recommend Michigan AutoPros if your are looking for a collision specialist in downriver Michigan.