How to Turn a Road Car Into a Racing Car


It’s a fantasy of a lot of drivers to take their boring old road car and turn it into a speed demon racing car. So, why not just go for it? Here’s how.

Find a Car

When you’re turning a road car into a racing car, you don’t need to worry too much about the overall condition of the car you choose. That’s because the chances are you’ll be making a lot of changes to it anyway. So, get something that is in workable condition, but don’t worry too much about minor faults.

Don’t spend too much money either. You definitely don’t want to be buying a brand new car. You need something that’s cheap and cheerful. Used car dealers like TC Harrison are your best bet, so try them out. You might also be able to pick up good deals from online private sellers on sites like eBay.

Improve Your Engine

There are two options you face when you’re deciding how to improve your engine. Firstly, you can rip it out and install a new one. This is quite a big undertaking though, so think carefully before you choose this option. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could cause a lot of damage to the car, so have a professional do it.

There are other, simpler options to consider though; you don’t have to put in an entirely new engine. If the car you’re converting is relatively new, you could install a new performance chip. Or you could add new air filters and supercharge your engine. Even simple things like reducing the weight of your car will help with performance.

Ventilate It

The chances are, the old used car you bought won’t have any advanced ducts or cooling mechanisms. These are necessary though if you want to take your car around a track at high speeds. There has to be a way of letting air in and out of the vehicle so that it doesn’t overheat.

There are ways you can ventilate the car yourself though without breaking the bank. All you need to do first is cut holes in the bonnet of the car and lay some wiring underneath so that things don’t fall through. Then you can add a fan to improve your ventilation even more. It’s not a huge job, but it makes a lot of difference.

Give it a Makeover

If you intend to race the car, you’ll probably want to start your makeover by carrying out all the necessary safety upgrades. You should add a roll cage and strip out the back seats, for example. But the way the car looks from the outside is just as important too. You need to make it look the part before it hits the track.

Start with the paintwork. Pick out a colour that you’re going to like for years to come. In other words, don’t choose anything too over the top because you don’t want to have to paint over it in a few months time. Then add some finer details like a pattern or logo. Get creative with it.

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