The Best Hatchbacks On The Planet In 2015


    If we could only choose one category of car to drive for the rest of our lives, we’d choose the hot hatchback. They are the perfect car and deliver on every aspect. They are practical and fuel efficient. They look sleek and tight. But, most of all, they are fast and exhilarating. Don’t get us wrong, they’re no Ferrari! But, you can’t really get the best out of a Ferrari on everyday roads anyway. Nope, our choice would be the hot hatch. Nippy, powerful and tons of fun. The best news of all is that it’s one of the most fruitful markets for cars. There are so many great hot hatchbacks, we’re spoilt for choice. It was tough to narrow down, but here are the best of the best!

    Volkswagen Golf Gti

    For its legacy alone, the Golf Gti deserves a place on this list. It was the founding father of hot hatchbacks. Never before had a car company put such a powerful engine in such a small car. It redefined the way we look at small, practical cars. To this day it is still up with the very best. It is thrilling, fast and corners like a dream. But, it also has that spacious practicality you demand from a city car. We also happen to think it looks magnificent.

    Ford Focus ST

    While the Golf GTi is the founding father, the Focus ST is the rising king. Most car websites put it at the very top of their hatchback lists in 2014. The newest model outperformed the Golf GTi in almost every way. It is more affordable, more practical and – dare we say it – more fun! For those who prefer a slightly smaller ride, the Fiesta ST is also a fine hatchback. Ford are dominating the arena here at the moment and taking the competition to VW!

    BMW 1 Series

    This is probably the least conventional hatchback on the list. It is the biggest and most elegant of the cars. But, what would you expect from the executive car experts at BMW? As you can imagine, this has power and driveability in bucketloads. Its size makes it very spacious, but perhaps less practical around town. It leads us to the key question, is it still fun? You bet! Unfortunately, you’ll pay a hefty price for the privilege. It’s the most expensive on the list, but if money was no object, we’d choose this.

    Toyota Auris

    From the most expensive, to the least expensive: the Toyota Auris. You’ll pick one up for as little as £6,000 at Inchcape Toyota, for example. A snip compared to the BMW! The Auris makes the list for its sheer value for money. It’s a solid, reliable, practical car. Like the others it is also fun and nippy to drive. There are plenty of competitors in this budget car arena. The Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia and Suzuki Swift are very close behind, but the Auris just sneaks in!

    Mini Cooper S

    For sheer, undiluted fun and excitement, the Mini is the clear winner. It is simply fantastic to drive and we couldn’t possibly leave it off the list!

    There you have it, folks! The fastest, most exciting small cars on the planet. Which one is your favourite?

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