Modern Tech Features We Can’t Live Without In Today’s Cars


Step into the cabin of any modern car, and you’ll immediately notice the plethora of technology at your fingertips! What might once have got considered an automotive luxury ten years ago is now an essential item in the cars of today.

There are also plenty of innovations that we could only have dreamt of all those years ago. In today’s blog post, I check out some of the geeky gadgets and tech that we all take for granted in today’s modern cars.

Infotainment Systems

Back in the day you’d be lucky if your car’s “head unit” let you play CDs. Many had cassette decks (remember those?) with premium models including six or ten-disc CD changers. Nowadays the cassette tape and even the CD has had its fifteen minutes of fame.

Instead, you’re likely to encounter cars that come with infotainment systems. In a nutshell, they are systems controlled by a small LCD touchscreen display. In most cars, it’s built into your vehicle’s dashboard. From this tech-centric hub, you can play music and listen to the radio.

But that’s not all. You can also use it for GPS satellite navigation. And you can even connect your smartphone to it via a Bluetooth connection. The latter enables you to use the system as a handsfree device. That means you can make and receive calls without taking your eyes off the road. All thanks to voice-activated commands.

Some infotainment systems will also let you learn more about your car. Such as running diagnostic checks, for instance. On hybrid and electric vehicles, they’ll also tell you the state of health of your car’s battery and charging systems.

Adaptive Headlights

Look at the cars sold at places like the Imperial Car Supermarket, and you will find one thing in common. Many of them will have an innovative feature called adaptive headlights. The way they work is quite clever! When you go around corners in the dark, at some point the street lighting will become poor. In those situations, it will light up those corners so that you can see more of the road.

It’s like having your fog lights on. Except that it doesn’t annoy other drivers nor is it going to land you in hot water with the local constabulary! More vehicles are getting fitted with adaptive headlights as standard. That’s because car makers and motorists recognise the obvious safety benefits of such a system.

Adaptive Cruise Control

You’d be hard pushed to find a car built today that doesn’t come with cruise control. Many of today’s vehicles have an improved version called “adaptive cruise control.” It works in the same way as regular cruise control, in that you set a speed, and your car sticks to it no matter what.

The difference between ACC and regular cruise control is that it will slow your car down if it gets too close to the vehicle in front of you. As soon as there is enough space between the two vehicles, your car will increase its speed to your desired setting.

Those are just a few examples of some brilliant technology in today’s cars. In the future, we can enjoy other innovations. Examples in the pipeline include head-up displays and even autonomous vehicle technology!

Featured Image via Flickr