Looking To Buy a Used Ford? Here’s Some Tips


The used car market can often resemble a minefield, and it’s important you keep this in mind when you set out on your initial car buying adventure. There are plenty of ways you can get tripped up and they’re not all as obvious as a dodgy salesman trying to sell you something that’s not up to scratch. More often than not car buyers are responsible for their own mistakes and your own mistakes can be more costly than those inflicted by others. So beware! Here are 5 tips to help you on your way when you’re looking to get that perfect Ford for you. 

Do Your Research

It sounds like an obvious one but far too many people don’t do it. Filled with enthusiasm and anticipation, they run head first into a deal for a new car without fully thinking things through. The first thing to think about is what car you want and where you want to buy it from. You should know your desired car insight out before you start looking at adverts. Then you’ll be able to clearly recognise a fault (whether it’s big or small) when you see one. You’ll also want to do as much research as possible into the dealer too if this is possible. It’s important to do as much research into the individual car too when you found one you like, which brings us to the next tip.

Find Out What Work Has Already Been Done (And What Needs Doing)

Once you’ve decided which car you want and your search is underway you’re going to have to careful about things like the age of the car and in what condition it’s in now. You’ll regret it later on down the line if you buy a 12 year old car and then after a month find out it needs a new cambelt. Ideally you want a car which doesn’t have an obvious repair or replacement jobs coming up soon.

Explore the Market

The modern day used car market is huge, more than huge, it’s enormous! So for this reason it really is worth spending a decent amount of time exploring it to the greatest extent possible. That means trawling through online ads for used Fiestas and Focus’s as well as looking for Ford’s at Lifestyle and similar dealerships. You don’t want to forget to look in that corner where your ideal Ford Mondeo Estate is hiding.

Consider What You’ll Be Using the Car For

A Focus isn’t the same as Fiesta, and a Kuga isn’t the same as a Galaxy – this is important to remember. You wouldn’t buy a Bugatti Veyron for your family of six. So just because Ford are known to be a reliable producer of family friendly cars, that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Different cars do different things well, and they all have their differing weaknesses too. If you don’t know cars inside out this may be where you need to discuss your purchase with an expert – either that or make your research extensive.

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