Hiding The Age Of Your Vehicle With A Personalised Registration


Are you embarrassed about how old your car is? Even if you look after your car and keep it looking like new, it’s number plate basically advertises to the world exactly how old it is. What many people don’t realise though, is that for a small cost, you can hide the age of your vehicle with a personalised registration.

Okay, you might now be thinking, “hang on a minute, the DVLA won’t let me put a registration plate onto my car that makes it look younger, only one that makes it look older, so that kind of defeats the object doesn’t it?”

Well, there are many great number plates that aren’t age related at all, and these are called dateless plates. If you choose one of these, nobody will know how old your vehicle is. It’s also legal to put an Irish plate on a UK vehicle. They look great, and the procedure to get them isn’t difficult either. You might now be thinking that these plates will cost more than ‘non-dateless’ plates, but you’ll be pleased to know that according to this private number plate site dateless and Irish plates are some of the cheapest number plates around!

There are many advantages to having a DVLA personalised number plate which is the reason that they are now becoming so popular.

Firstly, a private registration plate is one of the best ways of making your car more personal to you. Perhaps you want it to say your name, initials, job, hobbies or whatever else might be available that means something to you.

Secondly, once you’ve bought a private plate, its yours forever, and doesn’t cost anything to keep (apart from the transfer fees when you change cars).

Thirdly, it’s more memorable. How often has somebody asked you for your car registration and you’ve needed to go to your car to check as you can’t remember it? It’s amazing how many people don’t remember the registration of their own car! Having a personalised number plate means that you can always remember your registration number again.

Lastly and arguably most importantly, as we’ve already discussed, many people dislike the way that you can tell an car’s age by it’s registration number. With a personal number plate you can’t work out this information because it is highly unlikely that the numbers will have anything related to the age of your car. This means that whether your car is a year old or 10 years of age no-one will know any different.

It is not difficult to see why private number plates have ended up becoming so popular. There are many benefits to having them and nowadays they don’t cost anywhere near as much as they used to!