BMW X5 Diesel – A Review


BMW X5 Diesel also has two variants namely the xDrive40d and xDrive30d. BMW X5 xDrive40d capable of delivering a maximum power of 225 kW (306 hp), maximum torque is 600 Nm of this car. BMW X5 xDrive40d acceleration is also very fast which is 6.6 seconds while the top speed of this car is 236 km / h.

BMW X5 xDrive30d capable of delivering a maximum power up to 180 kW, has the acceleration of 7.6 seconds. xDrive30d has 540 Nm of torque, fuel consumption of the BMW X5 xDrive30d which is very economical 7.4 liter diesel to the distance of 100 Km.

Design BMW X5 combines the elegance and strength, on the front we still can hallmark BMW grille like butterfly wings, headlamp design of this car multireflektor also like sharp cat eyes (look tough and sporty), which is a striking front bumper design modern curves that blend with fog lights and air holes. This car looks tough and luxurious at the front, high hood make anyone who sees this car to make sure that this is an SUV, while on the roof of the car pinned Roof Rail that enhance the car dashing adventurer this one.

On the side looks rigid horizontal curves from front to back, which is not less interesting is the patron embedded in the body of the car door and along the bottom of the car body. This protector in addition to providing protection to the possibility of friction car with hard objects also enhance the look of this car as a BMW X5 SUV.

On the back is still visible horizontal grooves which connect the grooves on both sides (side) car, equipped with one windshield wiper on the rear (rear door), the car is also equipped with a spoiler and LED on the rear of the car. What is unique about this car is the design of the two exhaust embedded in the rear bumper, while the rear bumper car also designed together with the car body so it looks very sporty.

BMW X5 quite spacious cabin that is able to carry up to seven passengers, a panoramic glass roof also adds to passenger comfort while in the car. The panel on the dashboard X5 including iDrive features ergonomically placed so that the driver can easily reach. On the car’s interior combines three quality material that is wood, leather and metal to wood materials which really gives the sensation of driving a luxury car.

The driver can also monitor the environmental conditions through 6 cameras mounted in the front to the back of the car. BMW X5 is also equipped with adaptive steering system, active steering, active cruise control, xDrive and DSC.

In the car audio BMW X5 also comes quality audio system, while the entertainment features of the car is equipped with rearseat that can be enjoyed by passengers at the rear while the front passenger can make an Internet connection is available on the car dashboard.