Top 5 Car Brands To Aspire


Cars are no longer merely a vehicle, but has became a status symbol. Expensive cars are manufactured to meet the luxury needs of the people.

Here are a few brands  with exceptionally high brand value:

1. Honda

Honda is a global automotive company headquartered in Tokyo. Honda established itself as the 7th largest automobile manufacturer in the world in terms of production. However, the brand value of Honda is USD 22.15 billion.

2. Mercedes-Benz

German car manufacturer is known for its luxury cars. German vendor has a brand valuation of USD 24.17 billion.

Luxury brand does generally have higher profit margins. Though Mercedes-Benz ranks as the 13th largest automobile manufacturer in the world, its brand value is higher than that of Honda.

3. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is one of the most recognizable car brand in the world, with a massive presence throughout Europe and North America, it also has a significant presence in the Asian market. Its output reached 8,576,964 units, thereby making it the 3rd largest car vendor in the world!

Volkswagen brand is valued at USD 27.06 billion. The company is operating since 1937 and is known for products like the Jetta, Golf, and Passat.

4. BMW

Another luxury car brand of German origin. This German car brand is valued at $ 28.96 Billion.

The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany has the trademark of Rolls-Royce. Not only that they also produce motors and a number of motor sport including Formula 1. Established in 1916, the car manufacturer BMW is the 14th largest in the world with a total production volume of 2,065,215 in 2013.

5. Toyota

This Japanese automotive company is right there at the top. Various products such as Lexus and Scion are eternal favorites of populations across the world. With a brand valuation of $ 34.9 billion, Toyota is right at the top.

Toyota’s own production volume reached 8,381,968 in 2013. It seems that in the years ahead Toyota will continue to lead the global market.

Are you a car owner mentioned above?